Student Testimonials

Rose S.  – Christine is a wonderful voice teacher who truly cares about her students and their progress. She has extensive knowledge of how the voice is produced and will guide you towards creating a stronger more refined sound. As you work together you will discover your true vocal abilities and experience the excitement and joy of singing! (1/2020)

Felipe A:  My son is progressing nicely and she’s a pleasure to work with. (4/2018)

Brian T.:  Christine is wonderful! She genuinely cares about her students and she is kind and supportive in the process. I appreciate her methods, and she has enabled me to progress quickly. – (3/2018)

Nicole N:  Very nice and helpful. Asked me many questions in order to tailor the lessons to my goals and experience.  (2/2018)

Anonymous:  Christine is kind and encouraging while maintaining a clear focus on technique. Although I am a beginner, (who has always wanted to give singing a try) she has been a wonderful and patient teacher. (9/2017)

Amna A:  Christine is very kind, helpful, patient, and encouraging. I have never taken voice lessons before, and she has helped me feel confident with my voice in just a short time period. I couldn’t have asked for a better first instructor for my vocal training. (3/2017)

Carmen S:  Christine is a truly phenomenal teacher. If you have any hesitations about starting voice lessons because you are afraid of singing in front of other people, have no fear! Christine made me feel completely comfortable from the very first minute of our first lesson together. She is classically trained and extremely knowledgable about singing. I would recommend beginning lessons with her to get a solid technical foundation even if you eventually want to sing pop or R&B (i.e. she is not just for classical/opera singers!)…..(3/2017)

Alice B:  I first came to Christine with very little singing experience. As a dancer, I was looking to hone my skills to go out for musical theatre roles. Christine was very patient with me in the beginning, everything about proper singing technique was new to me, and she helped explain it in ways that I could grasp the concept. I was incredibly nervous about singing, but her encouragement and openness has made me feel so much more comfortable with it. (12/2016)

Raeesah K.:  Great voice teacher!  I came to Christine after not singing for 5 years. I had previously taken classical voice lessons in high school and singing in choir. She taught me basic singing technique by explaining why I needed the keep larynx down and demonstrating proper breathing. She is extremely kind, helpful and flexible and has empowered me to feel much more confident in my singing and also focus on important details such as phrasing, diction and pronunciation. She has also challenged me with repertoire that is fun to sing and appropriate for my voice and age. I am excited to see how my voice continues to improve with her guidance. (10/2016)

Alara L.:  Her exercises helped for breathing and relaxing enough to hit certain notes.

Marianne P.: After years of studying classical voice and still having technical difficulty, an accomplished singer suggested I study with Christine Moore, who is now teaching me to sing more fully and freely. While former voice teachers were well intentioned, professional, had good reputations, and taught me vocal concepts for over 35 years in weekly lessons, I continued to struggle with the passaggio and lowering my larynx in the higher range. Christine immediately understood my vocal issues and, most importantly, within a very short period of time was able to teach me techniques that have dramatically improved my vocal production. My husband and I are amazed at how much my voice has improved since I started studying with Christine only one and a half years ago. One important concept that Christine introduced me to that previous voice teachers didn’t explain is how to sing with proper vocal cord closure. Apparently, I was over-blowing breath through my vocal cords and wondering why I never had enough breath to sing a substantial aria. Christine also taught me the concept of “appoggio” (breath support) and I’m finally feeling a stronger foundation of lower body breath support that gives me the freedom to release my shoulders, head, and jaw to sing freely. Improved cord closure and breath control is helping me to produce a much larger voice than I ever thought I had. In fact, prior to learning these concepts I thought I was a mezzo-soprano and it is now very clear that I have a fairly large soprano voice. What I have learned about Christine is that she takes her work very seriously and expects her students to do the same. She has never canceled a lesson, chooses challenging and appropriate repertoire, arranges student recitals, teaches summer workshops in Italy, continues to sing professionally herself, and encourages her students to set goals and to perform. Additionally, she is a genuinely nice person, not the prima donna type you might expect of someone with so much talent and experience as a performer and a teacher. Honestly, I’m not someone that enjoys writing (I’d rather sing) but I wrote this review about Christine Moore because she really made a difference in my singing. I can only imagine how my voice would have developed if I had started training with a voice teacher like Christine earlier in my life. Maybe someone reading this will find out!

Raina W.:   Christine is an honest professional. Her passion for music is as evident as her expertise. Without a doubt, I will be going back to her for lessons. I presented her with a challenge for sure. I needed to learn three contrasting pieces of music for an audition within a week. Man, oh man. Christine is definitely a miracle woman. She corrected a lot of my poor habits in technique, gave me lots of insight for future reference, and helped me gain my confidence as a vocalist. Needless to say, I learned all three pieces. Aside from her very obvious superiority in knowledge, she is just the sweetest woman. Very fun, friendly, and welcoming. She always made sure to offer me water or ask how I’m feeling about my progress. She made sure to give honest critique as well as solutions for enhancement. She also always made a point to emphasize my progress as means of encouragement. I 100% recommend Christine without hesitation, no matter what your level or experience with music is. You’ll learn a lot for sure and you’re getting an absolutely excellent experience for such a great price! As a full-time university student, of course that’s something I always look out for. I’m so grateful that was able to get professional help on such short notice for a reasonable price per lesson. In short, the woman knows her stuff. Thanks for everything Christine, I’ll surely be coming back to you!

Anna M.:  Just for background information, I took lessons with Christine for about 4 years throughout high school with a focus in classical voice. I currently still study voice in college and I can honestly say I have the most helpful foundation I could have ever asked for for that. Christine instills a very strong vocal foundation both artistically and technically. She doesn’t dumb anything down, but is absolutely understandable even for beginners. She is also incredibly knowledgeable as a musician, which is enormously helpful because with each new piece she adds to your repertoire, she also builds theoretical and artistic knowledge which helps you be able to perform other pieces later on. So I went into a lot of later repertoire having a solid understanding of the purpose and context of the music I was singing. Also, she never loses sight of the artistic aspects of singing, never letting pronunciation, oddly placed breaths, facial expressions, body language, misunderstanding of text, etc, slide. This seems kind of standard, but it’s actually a really professional way of treating your students and made me personally, approach my music with as much professionalism as I had developed. I also found it extremely helpful that she explained why she did asked me to do certain things or ignore other things because, especially for beginners, classical training can seem like a black box and occasionally feels like it’s taking you backwards. Having those explanations assuaged a lot of that fear. In my experience, I felt a lot of changes both explicitly and implicitly. I felt my voice grow, in range and strength, and my technical foundation and knowledge are both fairly solid. I stopped fidgeting and found a tremendously improved focus and composure while performing (a big problem for me). My Italian pronunciation is actually quite good now. My ear and internal tempo are both MUCH better. My theoretical knowledge is a lot more in depth than it was, (kind of a bonus because that’s not her job). And my contextual knowledge of music is also at a much higher level than it would have been otherwise. Overall, Christine is a really talented teacher and musician who provides a lot of understandable but high level information, impeccable and PRECISE technique, and an artistic but academic approach to music and singing which lays a perfect philosophy in her students for continuing to grow as musicians.

Ksenia S.:  “Excellent teacher!”

Susan B.:  “She is really a wonderful teacher. She can listen to you and very easily pick out what is giving you trouble and where you can improve, and she has lots technique improving exercises. I didn’t think I would ever be comfortable with a private voice teacher, but Christine is perfect, she immediately made me feel right at home. She’s just a dream come true.”

Ax N.:  “Christine is an absolute wonder. She brings to our lessons an unqualified passion for music and vocal expression. She possesses the gift of seeing the level of the student and building on it little by little until you are doing things with your voice that you didn’t know you were capable of. Our lessons are fun and fulfilling. She has given me instruction and material that I use every day. From warmups to audition material to a thirst to learn more, do more, and expand my repertoire, my range, my goals. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. She’s the BEST!”

Natalie K.:  “Christine is a wonderful teacher. She is personable, knowledgeable, and really wants her students to succeed. I have improved my voice so much due to Christine’s tutelage.”

Rachel C.:  “Christine is personable, considerate, and talented. It had been years since I had taken a voice lesson, and Christine in just a few short months ensured I was singing with the proper technique and form. She has improved my upper range and provided me with more confidence in my singing skills than I have had in quite some time!”

Sarah B.:  “I highly recommend voice teacher Christine Moore to anyone who desires to have more power and control of their voice and singing. She has fine-tuned knowledge of vocal mechanics and most importantly, she knows how to share that information with her students in a focused and caring way. She is deeply interested in her students’ process and progress, and is also very skilled at tailoring lessons to her students’ particular musical goals. As someone who performs regularly in a jazz/experimental/rock setting, I have gained tremendously from working with Christine. Lessons consist of both classical vocal training and addressing the specific skills needed for non-classical singing. The work has been not just beneficial but crucial towards developing stamina and a healthy voice that I can count on in performance.”

Brandon W.:  “Christine is great! She is very easy and comfortable to work with and helps you feel confident and supported. Her approach to teaching clearly produces results as I feel as if I’ve improved even in a few short weeks.”

Lucia D.:  “I have been taking private singing lessons with Christine for about two years. During this time her coaching has opened up my voice both technically and in terms of emotional expression. We have worked together on a range of classical music, and she is a very hands-on, positive but also exacting teacher. In addition to helping build my repertoire and improve my technique, she also gives me advice about the performance business. I would recommend her 100% to anyone who loves to sing and wants to work on their technique and performance.”