My Approach to Teaching

I am patient and encouraging, and work step by step with each student, based on his or her needs.  For the first two or three lessons we only do exercises.  As I mentioned previously, these exercises are based in classical Italian bel canto school and form the basis of the technique that will serve your repertoire.  After that, the lessons will consist of a combination of these exercises and repertoire that best fits your level as well as repertoire you enjoy to steady the vocal apparatus and get you on your way to solid progress.

I personally have learned from the best teachers, coaches, and conductors, having reworked and improved my own technique over the years, so I understand very well how the voice functions and how to prevent and fix potential problems.  And along with my native English, I am fluent in French, Italian and German and proficient in Spanish, so I can always clarify a concept in your native tongue.